My name is Inna, I’m 26 years old. I want to tell a little about myself. Since my childhood I have scoliosis. The most important thing is that with age, the general condition and back worsened. The disease progressed, the spine was twisted, the back ached, and the right shoulder blade markedly protruded. But one day I got into “good hands”.

5 months ago the employee prompted me to go to Nikolai Sergeyevich, he developed a simulator and his own technique. Her son underwent a course of rehabilitation, problems with the knee. When I went for the first time I was not sure that someone would help me. I was wrong. I practiced 3 times a week for 15 minutes a day. Honestly, in two weeks I had so much strength and energy that I could not imagine myself without this simulator. And after another week, my back aches disappeared, and then I realized that I had come to the right place. Nikolai Sergeyevich no longer asks where it hurts, how it hurts, the pain left me forever. He taught me how to walk correctly, to keep my posture, I started a new, healthy life, for which I am very grateful to Nikolai Sergeyevich.



When I learned about the training apparatus “Suhozhil” and how it helps, I decided to try, and what I need, I will tell you. I am Christina, carrier, engaged professional sports (the highest league of Ukraine football team “Legend”) is fair, but I like it here are some unpleasant moments, such as trauma.

A year ago I tore anterior circulate ligament and damaged the medial meniscus, 4 months ago I had surgery and now I want to recover as soon as possible, so seek different ways. Exercises on the training apparatus “Suhozhil” I was interested because I think isometric exercises give good results in the recovery of injuries.

I began training on a training apparatus “Suhozhil”1 day of summer (01.06.2016) for the course of rehabilitation.

By the time I started 5 month based rehabilitation.

The first day of class, I learned much about the knee, and how we will work and we agreed that we should engage with pleasure (rehabilitation and training and fortified muscles and tendons of the whole body).

First time in my life people said that in two weeks I will be surprised and pleased a month, you will not believe that is what happened.

Arriving there, I did not work injured hip and knee was not stable for two weeks we launched it, it was good news, as I have said, we tried to run the system.

Immediately it was hard and many did not understand, but when after classes had started appearing muscles that previously were not, it surprised me, and I noticed that I was still thick and mighty were my “Suhozhil”.

After two-week occupations, we not only pledged to work hip, knee and even strengthened so that you realize I still visit the gym and when performing exercises I was shown a sharp pain and the feeling that the knee flies. Also I was surprised my back, there appeared muscles that run along the back, we compelled them to work and strengthened.

Already, a month and a week I practice on the training apparatus “Suhozhil” and the results surprised me, my knee every occupation is stable, works as hip and right, with no back problems.

In yesterday’s lesson, we got the result of the press, we watched him from the beginning, and it became clear relief, so you are heard simulator “tendons” helped me in this.

Now I feel great, my pleasure these classes because every time I wonder and am glad at the same time results.

I have a great desire to recover, month and week of work on the simulator, it’s not much, but the results are good and encouraging. I like people who help others so when Nicholas glad my results, I am glad twice because his technique helps my results this evidence. I just want to say a big thank you for the pleasant exercise and a good result.





How did I start studying on the training apparatus “Suhozhil”?! I’m engaged in judo wrestling, during training I ran into the problem of the knee (the lateral ligaments were caused by the drop of the knee).

Friends advised to start studying on “Suhozhil”, after which I began to practice on this simulator. Classes from the very beginning and to this day are 15 minutes a day. After two weeks of classes, I felt the first results: 1) the knee practically did not bother 2) I tied the first nails 200 x 6 mm.

Over time, I continued to play sports and faced a serious injury (dislocation of the collarbone of the second degree). At once doctors put a plaster corset. After defeating it for 1 hour it was not convenient for me and it hurt to be there after which it was decided to change the cast to a bandage. After the removal of the inflammatory process, I started to work on the simulator, at first it was painful and not comfortable, because at first the minimal load was done, it was tolerable. Over time, the load was added and after 3 months I forgot about the clavicle problem without surgery. I again started tying the nails of 200 mm by 6 mm into knots and bending metal objects. While practicing on the “Tendon” simulator, I completely strengthened the muscular-tendon system of the body, which gave me the opportunity to increase strength and endurance.




My name is Elena, I am 47 years old. At the time of coming to “Suhozhil” I am a “girl-catastrophe” for practicing physical exercises, tk. I have in the “arsenal” of intervertebral hernia, joint problems, and, to top it off, chronic bronchitis with an asthmatic component. I do not fit in the gym – it’s allergic to dust and odors. I had to cancel classes in the pool because of the allergy to chlorinated water. So for me, “Suhozhil” was the chance that I decided to use. And after 5 months of classes I can draw some conclusions: without special efforts, without diet, without strain and suffering of the soul and body, not only me, but also my acquaintances, my tightness in the whole body became noticeable, my gait changed (my back became lighter and straightened) , Pleases the sense of control and the work of the body as a single system!

Yes! My son and husband, too, now began to engage in the “Suhozhil”! I think that they also noticed changes in me.



My name is Maxim, I’m 21 years old (master of sports in boxing). I started to perform isometric exercises on the simulator from November 2015. To begin with, when I first met Nikolai Sergeyevich, I could not bend the nail in half. Nikolai Sergeyevich warned, starting to perform isometric exercises, I will be surprised in a month, and two months later I will be pleasantly surprised. I was already surprised by results of isometric exercises in three weeks. After a month of training, I bent the first nail of 200 mm by 6 mm and I felt the first results of training. Many people noticed that the relief of my body changed, muscles and tendons became stronger.

During the training on boxing, strength and endurance increased noticeably, as well as the impact strength increased, and the leg work improved. I had such a thing as “explosive power”. I like that by doing exercises on the simulator, it makes it possible to train muscles and tendons of the whole body.



My name is Andrey, I’m 43 years old. I work as a lawyer. Beginning in April 2014, I began to perform isometric exercises on the training apparatus “Suhozhil”. I used to go in for sports. But these classes did not bring me as much pleasure as I get from training on the training apparatus. Firstly, after 6 months of training on the simulator, I learned how to tie a 200 mm nail into a knot (I could not previously bend it in half). Secondly, judging by my inner feelings, I really felt the strength of muscles and tendons. Thirdly, I generally ceased to perceive the interfering with me normally to live a vertebral hernia. That is, I physically forgot about it. In addition, thanks to training on the simulator, I feel great; in everyday life isometric training gives only positive emotions. With all this, there was a desire to continue to perform isometric exercises, as strengthening the tendons can lead to unexpected, spectacular, positive results. Classes on the training apparatus “Suhozhil” help prevent a variety of injuries, as well as deterioration of health, which I myself learned from my experience.



My name is Oleg, I’m 29 years old. I have been working on the training apparatus since October 2015.

Until that moment I did not meet Nikolai. He is a developer of the simulator and technique; I did not know what isometric exercises are. When I saw the bends that Nicholas does, I could not believe it. Even after a month of doing isometric exercises, I tied nails (200 mm by 6 mm) in one turn, and a week later, in two turns.

After a month of training, I was able to close the COC No. 1.5 (76 kg) expander right, left hand, and a month later I closed the COC No. 2 expander (88 kg) right and left hand. This training is different from what we do in the gym.

Performing isometric exercises on the simulator, I really increased strength and endurance and received a lot of positive emotions from working with metal. My power results you can see on the YouTube channel of Nicholas.


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