Nicholas Muraveynyk oppression nails and fixtures, as Lozovoe bars. But he does so not in order to boast a youthful force. Nicholas Sergijovych said that the people were now on a strong, strong man broadcasting in man – wiry. That this person is not pumping muscles beauty, making use of various drugs and special additives and trains especially Suhozhil.

In order to exercise those were literate and give maximum benefit, Nicholas Muraveynyk created a special training apparatus and called it “Suhozhil” and developed a special set of exercises.

And now this trainer helps make healthy soldiers ATO after injury and after injury to athletes and ordinary people who want to be healthy and strong.

And the inventor says his trainer and exercise it “stand on three pillars” – a healing; power multiplied by a strong and at the same slender physique; and even restore the body after injuries and diseases.

All this confirms the known truth about the vastness of human potential. We only need fortitude, patience and desire.

In my eyes Nikolai Sergeyevich takes two nails are thick and not too straining, bends them, then connecting with each other. And so goes most real metal heart. What do not you “valentine”? And next – man-made money tree “Faberge egg” with metal spoons, 65 nails, “linked” together …

– This is after the fact, as they say, – says Nikolay Sergeyevich. – And this contributed to my trainer and my technique. When they are combined, they work wonders.

The training apparatus looks at first glance easy. These are two large wooden beams, interconnected and attached to the wall. In parallel bars drilled round holes, they inserted a stick. Squeeze them on different levels with both hands – and you realize that the tense muscles and tendons – the hands, back, waist and even legs. Amazing feeling … seems to work everything – from head to toe.

– By education I am a historian – continues the story of Nicholas Muraveynyk. – But for a long time I ran a design firm and “iron” existed as a hobby. Today, it is work that I love. How can I leave everything and start a new life? When I “knocked” 50 years, I decided to prove that age does not mean anything special … I am now 54. In view of what I have achieved, let me adverb “still”. When I developed the simulator, first tested it on himself. And, you know, has changed dramatically. Generally, a person has to change, look for something new in life, learn, grow and move forward. I first began to forge nails by this method. I have to say that 20 or 30 years this development did not create. For this we need to live at least half a century. I made a conclusion that a person can help himself in many cases.

Incidentally, exercises on the training apparatus “Suhozhil” called “exercise for the lazy”. Nicholas Muraveynyk inventing trainer, received a patent in Ukraine in 2012. A year has received the European Union. The gym has 2 trainers. Engage them should be three times a week for 15 minutes a day. The same trainers can be seen in a rehabilitation center for soldiers ATO “Resource”. There are professionals who are trained Nikolai Sergeyevich.

The developer has submitted its work to the State Science and Testing Center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Experts test center concluded:  the training apparatus “Suhozhil” should be used in the system of physical training of military personnel of all arms of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, especially in special units. All necessary documentation submitted to the management of physical training of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

I also decided to try what does the “Suhozhil” mean. Nikolai Sergeyevich began with a simple:

– squeeze these stick arms. Feel that work? Shoulder, elbow, chest muscles, back, right? That moves the whole system. By the joints need saving treatment. And that – when the stick grip at hand. A rise above – is even worse. Doing different exercises – and we run the whole system of tendons. For example, a talented footballer needed surgery on his knee; there was a problem with the meniscus. The guy worked for several months. Operation is no longer needed. Footballer is now playing in a team. My technique allows the system to run all the tendons, which is everyone. All the power contained herein. And the system strengthens the body and joints. This is not inflated muscles. This is a Suhozhil strength. I do not go to gyms. And not always like this could tie nails. This can be done, by the way, after 2 months of training.

– And how many nails you tied during the all the time?

– Over 100 kilos. It can be said armature and pans. Here is a robot with fittings. What do you think beautiful sculptures? When a metal tie, the whole body works. So it’s not just the power in their hands. When a young boy athlete gets “knee fall” – it’s hard to watch. And two and a half months of training on the simulator were not lost. Already passed 3 years and everything is fine. It’s through training tendons. They are strong and well marked. When you are trained, you can take a break.

It should be said that Nicholas Muraveynyk after the fact as his invention has three research and scientific work are published in the publications of the National Pedagogical University named after Dragomanov in Kiev and our Pedagogical University.

– Nikolai Sergeyevich, how did your training apparatus “appear to people?”

– I really first all did it for myself. I trained, bent iron, even here the drill. Then my friends and acquaintances saw it. They became interested and started to train. So, they got the same result. My adult son Andrew bends nails too. Now it is my job and earnings, and help people.

– And how military staff from learned about it? – Friends who came from rotation with the problems began to train. They felt the force not only in the hands and body, but also enhance psychophysics, their psychological status. Volunteers and wounded soldiers, who had to undergo rehabilitation after treatment, now trust themselves “Suhozhil”.

Konstantin Davidenko injured in the Luhansk region, hit by a bullet in the neck. He had problems with the disc, and even Khrebtova hernia. Constantine started the simulator and the result was not slow.

People come to me with different problems. They are, for example, torture vertebral hernia. Training much help. And people get confidence. Self when knotted nail grows. We do not treat, we are strengthening health from head to ankle and help get rid of long-standing problems. I have a page on YouTube. You see video? This guy had two spinal hernia. He could not lift more than 8 kilograms. And here you can see about 80 kilograms in his hands. He will cope with it and bends metal, even without hernia someone will make it. Thus, the whole system works: fist, forearm, bicep, shoulder, thoracic, back, side, abdomen, back, leg – I teach all gather together and get this effect.

Here’s a guy who weighs 64 kilograms. Rod is greater than he. He folds his calm. And this is at a time when he had a torn ligament clavicle. Juvenile placed on an operation to put a plate. And it happened already. And once again I repeat: it is not in the muscles and tendons in the system. Therefore simulator “tendons” puts on the foot soldiers. But this case is voluntary when the person she wants to change something, because the required strength training, wellness and rehabilitation. To bend the nail must exert force to 50 kilograms.

That’s the man for the first time in 60 years saw that he has biceps, triceps …

This is what we do, we lay by nature. Athletes’ results grow by nearly 100 percent. For prevention training is also useful. So many problems simply do not occur.

I, would stress, there is no concept – treated. Although in the first place a person should be – health. It should not be lazy and try to resist and move forward. A 15-minute sessions – this is normal for our rapid time. Moreover – all we do for ourselves to change feel better and get rid of many problems. It’s amazing because when I ask where your vices, pliers, I show my hand.




Photo by Victor KOSHMALA

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