Training apparatus “Suhozhil” is a sports training equipment and is designed to train muscles and tendons of a person. The range of the training apparatus is quite wide. It can be used both for recreational purposes and for increasing the physical strength of a person, which is especially important for athletes, military personnel, special force personnel, rescuers and people of other professions requiring the use of physical strength and endurance.

The versatility of the simulator makes it possible to train the tendons and all muscle groups of a person, starting from the ankle and ending with the muscles of the head. The number of exercises that can be performed with the help of “Suhozhil” is unlimited.

The person chooses the exercises that suit him most and correspond to his key needs and goals. Due to this individual approach on the training apparatus, people of absolutely any age with different levels of physical training can be engaged.

The conducted experiments confirmed the effectiveness of the training apparatus. After 4-5 months of systematic training, the duration of which did not exceed 15 minutes, people with very ordinary physical abilities trained muscles, tendons and stamina so that they could tie metal nails to the knots with bare hands. To get the same result, trained athletes took only 2-3 months.

The developed technique of training on the training apparatus favorably affects several aspects of human life. Performing isometric exercises on the simulator “Suhozhil” allows you to improve the overall physical condition and in a short period of time to develop incredible physical strength and endurance.

Also, the training apparatus “Suhozhil” has proved itself well in conducting rehabilitation and health-improving sessions. After several months of systematic training on the simulator, people felt a surge of vivacity; they had pains in the back, neck and waist, which before the classes tormented them with a noticeable periodicity. Improvement of coordination of movements, normalization of breathing, the disappearance of pain in the joints, improvement of the psychological state – all these and many other improvements were told by people engaged in isometric exercises.

The method of isometric studies on the “Suhozhil” has shown its effectiveness in improving the mobility and functionality of injured limbs, as well as resuming the functions of the musculoskeletal system. To date, the simulator is actively used in the process of rehabilitation of the military, who were injured during the performance of combat missions, as well as athletes who received professional injuries.