In 1981 there was an accident with a compression fracture of the vertebra. In 1989, when the load was lowered, the disk in the area L4-L5 with muscle rush jumped out of me, but I did not treat it. In 1996, I had a severe sciatica, I was given discs. In 1999, I started treatment with a specialist in classical Chinese massage and acupuncture, from his words, my condition was evaluated “as after a major car accident” – muscle spasm in almost all limbs, stasis of lymph with salt deposition (“gravel”). After three sessions of 10 massages and 2 sessions of acupuncture, I regained my health by 99.9%! In the future, I was not engaged in health (the “Chinese” specialist died) and in 2001 I was hospitalized, due to partial immobilization. In 2008 – a neurosurgical operation to remove part of the disk in the area of L4-L5, (wild pains). The state of health constantly worsened, despite regular massages and other health procedures.
The main complaint is muscle spasm, pain in the joints and lower back, weak vitality (chronic fatigue), pain syndrome of the left sciatic nerve. I had pains when leaning forward, with the arms raised to the sides, when leaving the car after a long ride. Problems with the prostate (aching pain) is the diagnosis of “prostate adenoma”
1 MONTH: I have improved my vitality (“energy” growth), I did not feel any negative effects, while performing the “internal legs” exercise there was a partial pain in the inguinal zone, which eventually ceased to appear.
2 MONTH: Further growth of vitality, I have improved general condition. In the four-headed muscle of the left hip, a tingling and a feeling of light electrical discharge began. I continued this condition for two weeks. When I felt this muscle, I found that it was completely numb! (I think a long-term problem). I began to help myself with self-massage, I had a rash of micro-nits (dirty lymph), sensitivity began to return, muscle spasm began to pass. As the thigh revived, I felt that I had a numb left heel. It began tingling and passing of “electric” charges, a return of sensitivity.
BEGINNING 3 months: Bending forward, getting out of the car, raising hands to the sides without pain, further growth of vitality. Then there is a gradual relaxation of the muscles of the legs and hands! Problems in the prostate did not arise, aching pain disappeared. I stepped up when walking.
For me it’s HUGE and real change! A big gratitude to Nikolai Sergeyevich for the effective method that makes a person self-restoring his health, and not getting temporary relief from outside!

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