My name is Pavel, I am 35 years old. In August 2014, I have a compression stroke, resulting in multiple hernias. A year of inconclusive attempts to adapt to a new way of life, at the end of September 2015, the left leg began to refuse. 1.10.2015 surgical removal of two hernias and half a year of LCF and physiotherapy, after (in spring 2016) two relapses and again the hospital and again “diclofenac almighty”. Since May 2016 I have been on a rehabilitation course using the Sycozhil simulator. During the first month, the pain left, and by mid-summer returned to work in the smithy. For six months, sensation in the leg reigned. Of the pain symptoms, there is a weather nagging in the back and knees, but we can also cope with this. November 10, 2016 allowed himself to perform a bend rod 14 mm x 800 mm.

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