My name is Dmitry, a year ago I was injured, a fracture of the thumb on my right hand. The fracture was serious, I had a broken bone, as a result of which I needed two operations. The first was to collect bone and fix it with a plate, and the second – to remove the plate. After that, the hand lost flexibility and elasticity.
I’m going through rehabilitation on the training apparatus “Suhozhil” from 10. 08. 2016. The method of performing isometric exercises is designed in such a way that the entire muscular and tendon system of the body is loaded (from the ankle to the head), the arm is the link of the system.
When the first time I started training, there were pains in my thumb and my palm flexed to half of the previous amplitude. After two weeks of training, the pain in my finger went into the aching, and soon I left. And a month later my palm opened, the pain completely disappeared.
I combined business with pleasure. Now I’m doing incredible things (I could not think about a month ago). My bend is equal to a rod of 16 mm x 1 meter.

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